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Amanuensis Monday: Account of Robert Jackson

John Newmark's blog, TransylvanianDutch: Genealogy and Family History, introduced the Amanuensis Monday concept several years ago. An amanuensis is someone who writes down or copies the words of others in order to preserve or broadcast those words. Think Boswell for Samuel Johnson. Geneabloggers post transcriptions of diaries, wills, and other family documents to share information for other family historians.

Here's my contribution.

Transcription Notes

“Account of Robert Jackson of Queens Co., L.I. and of Some of His Descendants.” 1852. Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, New York.

This is an unpublished, handwritten manuscript by an unknown author. It is 6 ½ pages long. It is located at the Brooklyn Historical Society which does not have any details on how it was acquired. The date, 1852, was determined by a parenthetical entry, in same handwriting as the rest of the document, on page 2 of the manuscript.

Transcription was done from document in hand; pages 1-3 were also photocopied by staff and later used to proofread first part of transcription. Condition prevented rest of manuscript from being copied. Spelling, capitalization, punctuation are transcribed as written in original document. Brackets are used to indicate pages and insert my comments and questions.

Account of Robert Jackson of Queens Co., L.I. And of some of his Descendants

Orig settler of Stamford 1640

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Robert Jackson one of the first settlers of the Town of Hempstead, in Queens Co., L.I., was also one of the original settlers of the Town of Stamford in Connecticut in 1640 or 1641. A portion of the settlers of the latter place becoming dissatisfied sent a committee over to Long Island in 1643 who succeeded in making a purchase of the Indians and in the Spring of 1644 [64 crossed out] the company crossed the Sound, landed at the Hempstead Harbour and began the Settlement on the present site of the Village of Hempstead. Robert Jackson and his wife Agnes [“3rd wf” penciled in] were probably amongst this company. In 1647 his name appears amongst the freeholders of the Town of Hempstead. On the 28th of March 1658 (N.S.) he with others was appointed by the Town to go with Checknow [sp?], agent of the Sachem of Montake [Montauk] to meet Tackapausha, Sagamore of Marsapeaque [Massapequa], with his Indians to mark and lay out the general bounds of the Town of Hempstead. His will in which he mentions [“wife, Agnes” inserted by pencil] his sons John and Samuel and daughter Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Moore and Martha, Wife of Nathaniel Coles bears date May 25, 1683 and it is probable that he died soon after.

John 1st, commonly called Col. John, Son of Robert Jackson aforesaid was one of the Patentees of the Town of Hempstead under the Patent of Gov. Dongan granted in 1685 at which time he owned 430 acres of land in the Town. He was High Sheriff of Queens Co. from 1691 to 1695, Representative of that County in the Colonial Legislature from 1693 to 1709 and from 1710 to 1716, and one of the Judges of the same from 1710 to 1723. In 1703 he was one of the Commissioners for laying

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out a public Highway from the Ferry in Kings Co. through the Counties of Queens and Suffolk to the Town of Easthampton. On the 23rd of Jan. 1704 he obtained from the Town of Hempstead a grant of the whole liberty and privilege of Jerusalem river –for a grist and fulling mill with 50 or 60 acres of land adjoining and on the 12th of Sep. 1708 he and his son John obtained—from Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Governor of the Province, a Patent for all the Beach and Meadow land on the South side of Long Island alias Nassau Island, bounded on the East by Huntington line, and on the West by Hempstead line; on the South by the sea, on the south side of the Beach to low water mark, and on the North by the Bay. This Patent comprised all the Beach and Meadow land now (1852) owned by the Town of Oysterbay, lying South of the Main Land of that Town.

He was one of the first settlers in Jerusalem.

He intermarried with Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. John Seaman. Issue—John, Samuel, James, Martha, who intermarried with Peter Titus; Elizabeth, who intermarried with ____ Doughty; Hannah, who intermarried with Thomas Seaman; Sarah who intermarried with _____ Barnes; and Mary, who intermarried with Jaramiah Scot.

His will is dated Aug. 26, 1724 and he died between that time and July 30, 1725.

John 2nd, Son of Col. John Jackson aforesaid was also one of the first settlers in Jerusalem. He intermarried with Elizabeth Hallet. Issue—John, Samuel, Richard, Sarah who intermarried with Daniel Hewlett; Mary, who intermarried with Samuel Titus; Hannah, who intermarried with John Hewlett; and Phebe, who intermarried with William Jones, son of Major Thomas Jones of Hart [Fort?] Neck.

He died in 1744 and was the first person buried in the Jackson Cemetery at Jerusalem.

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John 3rd, Son of John Jackson 2nd aforesaid intermarried with Kesia Mott. Issue—Obadiah, John, Parmenus, Martha, who intermarried with Thomas Seaman; Elizabeth, who intermarried with Col. John Sands; Ann, who intermarried with John Hewlett; Mary, who intermarried with Benjamin Sands; Jerusha, who intermarried with Morris Place; Rosetta, who intermarried with Richard Jackson; and Abigail, who intermarried with Jacob Robbins.

He was long a Justice of the Peace and died intestate on Jan. 12th, 1779.

Obadiah, Son of John Jackson 3rd aforesaid was born in 1730 or 1731. He intermarried with Alma, daughter of Jacob Seaman. Issue—A son who died without issue, Jacob Seaman and Elizabeth, who intermarried with her cousin Thomas, son of Samuel Jackson. He died in April 1802.

Jacob Seaman, Son of Obadiah Jackson aforesaid was born May 22nd 1763 or 1765. On the 30th of September 1789 he was appointed by Gov. Geo. Clinton 1st Major of the Regiment of Militia of Queens Co. of which Sam. Carman was Lt. Col. Commandant; on the 7th of December 1795 he was appointed by Gov. John Jay, Lt. Col. Commandant of a Regiment of Militia in said County; on the 9th of March 1802 he was appointed by Gov. Geo. Clinton one of the Wreckmasters of the County of Queens, which office he held for a great number of years; and on the 15th of June 1808 he was appointed by Gov. Dan D. Tompkins, Brigadier General of the Brigade of Militia in said County which had been lately commanded by Nathaniel Coles, Jr., Esq.

He intermarried with Phebe, daughter of Benjamin Coles. Issue—Thomas Jones (who died Oct. 11th, 1802 aged 11 months—18 days) Mary, first, and Elizabeth, third wife of Thomas Jones.

He died Jan. 28th, 1829.
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Samuel, Son of Col. John Jackson, 1st aforesaid intermarried with Abigail, daughter of __________. Issue—Samuel, Richard (both of whom died intestate and without issue, Thomas (who left one child), Isaac (who died without heirs), Ruth, who intermarried with Abel Smith; Jerusha, Jemima, and Abigail who intermarried with Jacob Mott.


James, Son of Col. John Jackson 1st aforesaid settled at Rocky Hill, in the town of Flushing and had 21 children.


Samuel, son of John 2nd and grandson of Col. John Jackson 1st aforesaid intermarried with Mary, daughter of Timothy Townsend. Issue—Richard, Townsend, Thomas, Ruth, Elizabeth (who both died unmarried), Jemima, who intermarried with James Hewlett; Letitia, who intermarried with John Pratt; and Martha who intermarried with Samuel Birdsall.

Richard, Son of Samuel, son of John Jackson and abovementioned intermarried first with Phlebe [sic], daughter of John Kissam. Issue—Samuel (who died without issue), Daniel 1st who died in youth, Daniel 2nd, Townsend (who died without issue), John, Margaret (who died unmarried) Mary and Phebe. 2nd with Elizabeth Brooks by whom he had no issue.

John, son of Richard Jackson last aforementioned intermarried with __________. Issue—John, Phebe, Eliza and Sarah Ann.

John, son of John Jackson last abovementioned intermarried with his cousin, Martha, daughter of Jacob Jackson. Issue—Richard

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Townsend, Son of Samuel son of John Jackson 2nd abovementioned intermarried with Mary, daughter of Thomas Seaman. He had no issue.

Thomas, Son of Samuel, son of John Jackson 2nd abovementioned was born Dec 24th 1752, 1753 or 1754. He intermarried with his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Obadiah Jackson. Issue—Obadiah, Jacob, Samuel Townsend, Alina (who died in her infancy) and Ruth who intermarried with Thomas Jones, of West Neck, South Oysterbay. He died Mar. 25 [?] 1842.

Richard, son of John and grandson of Col. John Jackson 1st intermarried with Jane Seaman. Issue—Richard, Micah (who died unmarried), Jacob, Phebe, who intermarried with Gilbert Wright, Mary who intermarried 1st with John Rockwell, 2nd with _____ Creed, and Jane who intermarried with Zebulon Seaman.

Richard, son of Richard son of John Jackson 2nd above mentioned, intermarried with Rosetta, daughter of John Jackson 3rd. Issue—Micah, Jane who intermarried with John Althouse, and Aliny, who intermarried with Henry O Seaman.

He was Captain of Militia under Col John Lands during the Revolution and a Justice of the Peace for a great number of years.

Micah, Son of Richard Jackson last above mentioned, was born Nov. 22, 1768. He intermarried with Elizabeth, daughter of Parmenas Jackson 1st. Issue—Parmenus, Richard, John, Kezia, Elizabeth and Ann.

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Jacob, Son of Richard son of John Jackson 2nd intermarried with Catherine, daughter of Hewlett Peters. Issue—Jacob (who died without issue), Jane, and Phebe who intermarried with Thomas Birdsall.


John 4th Son of John 3rd and great grandson of Col John Jackson 1st was born in 1733. He intermarried 1st with Charity daughter of Thomas Treadwell. Issue—Thomas Treadwell, John, Treadwell, and Samuel. 2nd with Margaret Townsend widow of _____ Townsend and daughter of _____ Wright. Issue—Charity, who intermarried with John Seaman; Noah, who died unmarried; Obadiah; Mary, who intermarried with Daniel Underhill and Kezia who died unmarried.

Thomas Treadwell, Son of John Jackson 4th abovementioned intermarried with Catherine Trit [?]. Issue—Lydia, who intermarried with Dr. Sclah S Carl; Catherine who intermarried with Andrew Hegerman, John and Robert the last of whom died unmarried.

John, son of John Jackson 4th abovementioned intermarried with Sarah, sister of Dr Richard Udall and daughter of Joseph Udall. Issue—Maria, Cornelia, Hamilton, James and Christiana.

Samuel Son of John Jackson 4th abovementioned died unmarried and intestate leaving a large estate.

Obadiah Son of John Jackson 4th abovementioned intermarried 1st with Elizabeth, daughter of Gideon Wright, by whom he had no issue 2nd with Rachel daughter of

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Adonijah Underhill. Issue—William, Elizabeth, who died unmarried and John.


Parmenas 1st, Son of John 3rd and great grandson of Col. John Jackson 1st intermarried with Elizabeth Birdsall. Issue—Parmenas; Thomas, who died in infancy; Elizabeth who intermarried with Micah Jackson; Rosanna who intermarried with Samuel Nicholls, and John.

He died on the 19th of Jan. 1781 aged 37 years of wounds received from a party of plunderers on the 10th of that month.

His widow intermarried first with James Downing 2nd with Amos Willis.

Parmenas 2nd, Son of Parmenas Jackson 1st, abovementioned intermarried with Charity, daughter of the Rev Benjamin Coles, a Baptist Clergyman. Issue—Benjamin Coles, Thomas Birdsall, Noah, Obadiah, James, Mary (who intermarried with George Downing) and Elbert.

John, Son of Parmenas Jackson 1st abovementioned intermarried with Margaret, daughter of Stephen Cornell. Issue—Stephen Cornell, Isaac, Jacob, Charles, Coe Downing, Parmenas, Richard, Edward, Rosanna, Elizabeth, Ann, Rosetta and Fanny.

Transcribed by Andrea Dietze, April 30, 2010, at Brooklyn Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society is a fascinating place to visit--both in person and virtually. It is located at:

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Phone: 718-222-4111

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